Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A lesson in inappropriateness

So the crazy woman who teaches music at my school wanted all of the 5th grade students together today so she could teach them the basics of playing a recorder. As their teachers, we have to sit in the back of the room while they have their lesson, which is when I try to catch up on my grading and emails. The lesson was going along in its usual mismanaged way when apparently some boys from a different class than mine started doing something suggestive with their recorders. The music teacher screeched at them and had their teacher take them out in the hall to speak with them about being appropriate in class. She came back in the room and yelled at all the kids that "the recorder is a musical instrument. Not a part of the male anatomy!" She then segued into a technique called "tonguing." It was then that I realized I wasn't mature enough to be in that room. Watching her "tongue" her recorder after hearing that it wasn't phallic was too much for me today.

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